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Nickel Shoot-A-Thon – 12.4.21

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Ohio County Archery will host its 1st Annual Nickel Shoot-A-Thon on Saturday, December 4, 2021 at Bridge Street Middle School.

All OCA archers are encouraged to participate in this fun event!

Here’s how it works:

  • Register for a flight at here
    • Choose a flight – 2:00pm, 3:00pm, or 4:00pm
    • One flight per archer
  • Archers will pick up a Pledge form at practice.
  • Ask family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc., to donate and complete the Pledge form.
    • Two ways to donate:
      • Pledge any amount per point
      • Flat dollar amount donation (not based on points)
  • The day of the Shoot-A-Thon, scores will be tallied.
  • Archers will then calculate donation totals.
    • Examples:
      • $0.10/point, archer scores 200, the donation will be $20 (200 x 0.10 = 20)
      • $0.08/point, archer scores 200, the donation will be $16 (200 x 0.08 = 16)
      • $0.05/point, archer scores 200, the donation will be $10 (200 x 0.05 = 10)
      • $0.02/point, archer scores 200, the donation will be $4 (200 x 0.02 = 4)
      • $0.01/point, archer scores 200, the donation will be $2 (200 x 0.01 = 2)
  • The archer collects all donations and returns money with Pledge form to OCA by Sunday, December 12, 2021.
  • Cash and checks will be accepted. Checks made out to Ohio County Archery.
Pledge form available at practice

Common questions:

Q.  Do we have to pledge a nickel per point?

A.  No, any amount per point is allowed – it is up to the sponsor to decide!

Q.  Can I just give you $10?

A.  YES, we will accept flat donations of any amount.

Q.  So…how will the flight run?

A.  The 1-hour flight will run like a tournament. Archers will shoot from both the 10m and 15m. They will tally their scores after each set of 5 arrows.

Q. Do we bring the donations to the Shoot-A-Thon?

A. No – if donations are “per point” you’ll need the score to calculate the donations.

Q.  Can we bring the money at the next practice?

A.  All donations are due by December 12.

Q.  Will you take a check?

A.  YES, make it out to Ohio County Archery.

Q. Do I have to pay to participate?

A. No, the Shoot-A-Thon itself is a $0 registration fee event. The only payments for the event will be donations.