Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

A Shot in the PARK

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First and foremost – thank you for volunteering your time!
This tournament would not be possible without you!


Below are 2 views of the volunteer schedule for our tournament on January 15, 2022. The information is the same, just organized differently.

Please read entire post for LOTS of additional info.

It is important to know that multiple people are placed at each station. This will allow breaks and lunches to be taken as needed. If you are working multiple shifts — PLEASE TAKE BREAKS!

If you are available more than the schedule shows and want to help more, please step in as another General Helper. If you are NASP trained or know how to help the archers, step in as another Field Helper. No need to ask permission.

Sorted by Stations

The stations are listed at the top with a brief description.

The shift time is on the left in 2-hour increments beginning at 9am. However, the last flight at 3pm is only a 1-hour shift.

The italicized number(s) to the right of the volunteer’s name indicates their child’s flight time. (See yellow highlight in image below)

If a time range is listed on the left side of the name, that indicates the person will only work that specific hour of that shift and NOT the entire 2 hours. (See red in image below)

There are occasional notes placed in some fields. The one below indicates the person is able to watch their child’s flight during their shift even though they are not working on the field. (See blue in image below)

The word “extra” next to a name indicates I’m not sure of this person’s time availability and this is where they are needed if they are onsite at that time.

Difficult to read?? A paper version will be available at Sunday practice.

Sorted by Name

Difficult to read?? A paper copy will be available at Sunday practice.

Explanation of Stations

Range Official – ON THE FIELD – NASP trained – watch several targets to ensure safety and help archers (answer questions, help with scoring, have eraser, have extra arrows). Several will use green/red baton.

Field Helper – ON THE FIELD – Not NASP trained – watch several targets to ensure safety, carry extra arrows for OCA archers, will refer to RO for answers.

NOTE: Both Range Officials and Field Helpers will spread out to cover the 60 targets.

Archer Helper – OCA archers ‘go to’ if questions, indicate where to get and return arrows before/after flights, help hand out scorecards. Will stand around the 50-yard line

General Helper/Roamer/Chaperone – Help where needed, offer breaks at stations and fill-in until the person returns, roam the field and entire facility, silently keep an eye on OCA kids.

3D Shoot – Run 3D shoot, handle money, provide arrows. One of the volunteers will handle the money, $1 per arrow or 6 arrows for $5. The other volunteer(s) will assist those paying to shoot. Provide arrows, ensure safety (people MUST WAIT for the shooting to stop before retrieving arrows, just like at practice), help as needed. This is a fun shoot that anyone can participate. This is just for fun, no prizes.

Team Check In – check-in teams as they arrive. (Heather has instruction on what to do)

Scantron – accept payment from teams and individual archers, provide scorecards, help tally boy/girl team scores, provide scorecards to OCA archers. (Matt has instruction on what to do)

NOTE: Some stations are busy the entire hour, some are busy at different moments. Each station is important. Each volunteer is important.

11:00 shifts – If you are working ON FIELD, please be onsite by 10:00am and attend the 10:30a meeting. If you are working OFF FIELD, please be onsite by 10:30am.

All other shifts, please be at your station a few minutes before the shift change.

Coordinate breaks with the other volunteers at your station to ensure someone is always working. There is no need to tell me or Mr. T about breaks. We trust you. 🙂

Additional info

  • 10:30am meeting for Range Officials, Field Helpers, and Archer Helpers. Will be held at the 50-yard line by the Scantron before the first flight.
  • Wear your blue volunteer shirt for free admission. Show the Highlands Admission desk and they will flag you through the line.
  • We will have a 3D shoot that includes 2 ping pong ball floating targets. $1 per arrow or 6 arrows for $5. Anyone may participate.
  • No food or drink allowed on the field.
  • The Complex is a public place and will have/host other people and events.
  • The Complex has an arcade room and climbing wall. Fees for these extra areas are NOT included in the tournament fee. Archers must bring their own money to participate in these areas.
  • The Complex has their own concession stand. No outside food is permitted inside. Archers must bring their own money to purchase food from the concession stand.
  • Archers are expected to behave respectfully at the Complex and clean up their own messes, whether on the field or another area of the Complex.
  • Spectator fees – Adults $5, kids 18 and under are FREE
  • The Senior Acknowledgement and Awards Ceremony will follow the last flight.
  • You and your archer represent OCA, this is our tournament, make us proud!

Should your archer bring cash to the tournament?

If they want to participate in the 3D shoot, purchase food at the concession stand, play in the arcade, climb rock walls, or other activities in the Complex – yes.

Setup and Cleanup

We will load trucks, haul to the Highlands, unload and setup on Friday, January 14, 2022. Help is needed. (Time TBD)

Immediately after the tournament and Awards, we will tear down, load trucks, haul back to BSMS and Mr. T’s house, and unload. Help is needed.

Where is the Highlands Sports Complex?

The Sports Complex sits behind the Marquee Cinema. You can access the parking lot either turning right at the intersection past Walmart and follow the road behind Kohl’s or turn right at the red light by the West Liberty Highlands University and proceed behind Marquee.

Enter the main doors, at the admission desk either show your blue volunteer shirt or pay admission fee. The tournament will be on the left in the indoor football field.

Any questions, please let me know.