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Volunteer Info – A Shot in the PARK tournament 1.15.2022

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It takes a village to host a tournament.

We need many volunteers both on and off the field. From checking in teams and giving directions to working the 3D shoot and helping archers during their flight.

We have several stations that need volunteers throughout the entire tournament. First volunteer shift begins at 9:00am, the first flight of the tournament is 11:00am and the last is 4:00pm. We will then have an awards ceremony and begin tearing down, cleaning up, and hauling away.

More ways to help!

There are many other opportunities to help including:

BEFORE tournament (TBA):

Help hand out Volunteer shirts at Sunday practices

Help haul stuff to the Highlands

Help setup at the Highlands

Help with last minute setup the morning of the tournament

AFTER tournament:

Help cleanup/tear down

Help load trucks

Help haul stuff

Help unload trucks

Volunteer T-Shirts are required!

Volunteer shirts are required to show who is permitted on the field and at the stations. The shirts also show the STRENGTH of our club and our wonderful volunteers!! Each shirt is $5 and will allow that volunteer free admission to the tournament (shirt must be worn at Admission).

Who can volunteer? 

Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teen siblings, teen/experienced archers, neighbors…anyone who would like to donate their time!

Certain stations depend on experience and training. NASP training is required to be a Range Official but have no fear, those who have not been trained but want to help on the field can be a Field Helper. The stations are explained below.

Range Official                 
On the field
NASP trained – watch several targets to ensure safety & help archers (answer questions, help score, have eraser, have extra arrows). Several will use green/red baton.
Field Helper                     
On the field
Not NASP trained – watch several targets to ensure safety, carry extra arrows for OCA archers, will refer to RO for answers.
Archer Helper
OCA archers ‘go to’ if questions, give arrows before flights, help hand out scorecards.
Directional Helper
Give directions to archers and spectators, make sure no food/drink enters field, help where needed.
Help where needed, roam the field and facility, keep an eye on OCA kids.
3D Shoot
Run 3D shoot, handle money, provide arrows (runner).
Team Check-in
Help Heather check-in teams.
Help Matt with scorecards and payments.
AnywhereWe’ll find a place for you.    

How much time should I give? 

We would like increments of 2 hours per volunteer if possible. We will certainly take MORE!! And less. In the past we have had many families spend the day at the tournament and offer their help as much as needed.

A schedule will be made (around your child’s flight time) so that everyone knows where to be and when. Take breaks!! Stop for lunch!! With enough volunteers, we are able to have enough help to rotate breaks so everyone has a chance to sit down, eat, and relax.

How do I sign up to help?

Sign up at Sunday practice. Also, look for a FB post for anyone who is unable to sign up in person.

We need to know (1) how much time you are able to help, (2) the time of day you are available, and (3) preferred station(s).

For example: John Sample – 4 hours – starting at 9a – anywhere needed

The volunteer schedule will be posted closer to the tournament, once the flights are finalized, to enable working around your child’s flight.

You may request a preferred flight time for your child at Sunday practice.

Images for more info:

*Volunteer shirt order form.
*Preferred flight sign up, sorted by archer name.

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